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    What we offer ?

    Lock PDF

    Lock PDF

    Its lock PDF feature allows you to lock your sensitive PDF documents and keep it from any unwanted access. In simple words, you can make your important documents password protected.

    Unlock PDF

    Unlock PDF

    The unlock PDF feature enables you to access password protected PDF files in a matter of seconds. In simple words, you can break in to the security of protected PDF files and can unlock most PDFs.

    How to Unlock PDF Files?

    • Simply drag & drop a file or upload through Google Drive, Dropbox, or URL
    • Confirm that you have the right to unlock the file and click on "Unlock PDF."
    • Right after confirmation, the file decryption process will start automatically
    • Apply your desired changes or just click the "Download File." It's done!
    How to Unlock PDF Files

    Salient Features

    Maximum control & protectionMaximum control & protection

    This smart PDF Unlocker gives you maximum control over your documentation along with safety. Its two-way functionality enables you to lock/unlock a PDF file simultaneously, which ensures maximum security and control of your sensitive files.

    Unlock most PDF filesUnlock most PDF files

    Most encrypted or locked PDF files can be unlocked in a few seconds without hassle. However, if the tool cannot unlock the file automatically, it may ask for the old password; once provided, you can permanently remove it and unlock your file.

    Privacy & security of files Privacy & security of files

    Our online utility never retains your files for long in our database, given limited storage limits. So, right after the process is completed and the user leaves, the system instantly removes the locked/unlocked file from the database to ensure your privacy.

    Free & easy to useFree & easy to use

    This handy online tool is completely free and doesn't charge you a penny nor carries any hidden cost. Moreover, its user-friendly layout enables even the beginners to take maximum advantage without any hassle of installation or sign up

    Salient features


    This handy and simple online tool enables you to unlock the most encrypted PDF files in seconds. Simply drag and drop the file, click on the remove password button and download the decrypted file.

    While using this intelligent PDF unlocker, you do not face any compatibility issues. It works pretty smoothly on all devices and operating systems.

    No. This tool doesn't harm or even interfere with any of the attributes or text of the file at all. The original format remains intact without any changes.

    No. you do not need to log in or sign up. You need to visit the website, lock or unlock your desired PDF files, download the decrypted/printable version, and enjoy!